How Bleu Works

What is it exactly that we do? The most simple answer is that we manage related projects. Through intelligent business process and work package re-engineering, we've architected workflows for enterprise and consumer software to launch quicker. 


In the inevitable world of software, possibilities and capabilities are endless. Our vision starts with integrating project, program and product management expertise into today’s Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) – making it more lean, more clean. We typically like to ask, what is the outcome that you're trying to solve for? Our end-to-end project and product launch portfolio is incredibly unique and intelligent, a one-of-a-kind business process flow designed to minimize costs, maximize ROI, decrease deployment time by 50%, increase launch productivity, and create an amazing, winning customer experience. We architected an innovative suite of process flows that enable for simplification, consolidation, to cut out the extra layers, yet able to guarantee for a continuous delivery. 


Many teams today face execution roadblocks because they simply cannot scale. Scalability is pertinent and when critical deployment milestones are missed — it can impact the bottom line; the ability to launch. While advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality continue to accelerate, they also pose huge adaptation risks to teams that decelerate as a result of lacking to keep up. With Bleu, smart project management solutions are designed to simplify and accelerate traditional software deployments (those that take too long and slow to implement).


Bleu understands the ins and outs of successful software implementations. From prior experiences, we know what can make or break a project. Our workflows are designed so that all aspects of a project are logically integrated. 


  You have a project because you need to launch a certain product, whether you're implementing new codes, developing a new web UI, or add feature requirements, you'll need a project plan and timeline guaranteed to work, not fail. We fathom priorities. We streamline and simplify complicated decision-making channels. We keep our eye on the ball. 


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