We are small, a one of a kind. As with any venture starting out, we believe in starting out small, but to dream big. Bleu Chateau is a boutique and women-minority led business. 


Bleu Chateau specializes in providing software product launch management services for enterprise and consumers. Having launched many complex and large-scale software releases in the past, we’re being honest when we say, we think overwhelming methodologies, timelines, structure, governance and resources can be a burden. They can also slow down the end-to-end product launch cycles. At Bleu Chateau, our approach is straightforward; we believe in process simplification and elimination to the extreme. The more noncomplex a launch cycle is, the faster software can launch. Our quantitative and qualitative suite of business analysis workflows are a key integral component of our overall operating strategy.


Our vision starts with integrating project and program management expertise into today’s modern Project or Product LifeCycle (PLC) — making the overall workflow leaner than ever. We truly accelerate in this space, and we understand significant factors that can make or break a product launch. The insights, knowledge and capabilities we’re able to bring from years of first-hand experiences are beyond valuable.